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„Vision Zero“ – Executive Summary

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This article introduces "Vision Zero" as the global strategy for the prevention of fatal and severe road accidents and accidents at workplace. It is a translation of the the paper "Schriftenreihe Verkehrssicherheit 16: Vision Zero – Grundlagen & Strategien", issued by German Road Safety Council (DVR). First, this article outlines the origins and how it came into being, thereafter, it focuses explicitly on the meaning and definition of Vision Zero. To this end, four principles of Vision Zero are explained: First: Life is not negotiable. Second: Human beings are fallible. Third: The tolerable limits are set by physical endurance of human beings – Fourth: Human beings have a right to a safe transport system and a safe working environment.

This is followed by an outlook until the year 2020 and a presentation of the priority measures that are necessary to implement the strategy, which are seat belt usage, alcohol ban, and appropriate speed.













PDFTIPP! „Vision Zero“ – Executive Summary (English)

WMV Napo: Vision Zero (Cartoon by German Statutory Accident Insurance)

Vision Zero. Keiner kommt um. Alle kommen an.

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TIPP! „Vision Zero“ – Executive Summary

  A vision evolves

  What does Vision Zero mean?

  Vision Zero prevails

  Traffic Safety 2020

  Future tasks

TIPP! DEKRA Vision Zero: Interactive Map

TIPP! DEKRA European Road Safety Report 2014


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Deutsche Post AG

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